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May. 10th, 2008

au contraire!

(no subject)

Eonwe is not late, Eonwe just... just had places to be. It is hard being a herald!


I chose to go with two newcomers to this place whose dual yet singular nature intrigued me.

I did, however, forget to prepare questions ahead of time.

Interview with AmbarussaCollapse )

May. 1st, 2008

au contraire!

Column and interview

Moving to a new place is always scary, especially when you're drastically relocated thousands of years and miles from where you belong without warning. No way to forward your mail, tell your friends you'll miss them, or even turn the oven off.

A lot of new citizens of Gondolin have been experiencing this lately due to Grandpappy Eru's bout with the flu, not that it's in any way his fault, and I decided to spend this week following one rather horsey one around.

I learned many things! The heartbreak, the triumphs, the way elves wipe everything down once he leaves!

Then I forgot to interview him, so please enjoy these interviews with my Uncle Irmo's zombie and my sister.

Eonwe hopes you like!

Eonwe: ...hello tiny creature! Do you consent to an interview?

Zombie: Hungry.

Eonwe: And why are you hungry?

Zombie: Again! Hungry.

Eonwe: What is your mission?

Zombie: Me eat you. *goes for the foot*

Eonwe: I'm sensing hostility

Zombie: Yummmm.

Eonwe: Why do you hate the free press?

Zombie: Yummmm.

Eonwe: spit that out right now!

Zombie: Again!

Eonwe: No! This is not what Eonwe wants!

Zombie: Again! Hungry. Ngrraah!

Eonwe: *flee!*

I decide to find an alternate source, namely my lovely sister IlmareCollapse )

Apr. 24th, 2008

oh gosh

Eonwe's Column and Interview: Motherhood

This is Eonwe's first column! He is so proud. He is also angry that this was scooped almost moments after actually doing the interview.

Motherhood. It comes to many of us, not Eonwe, and it brings great joys and sadness. Great joys when it is a child like, say, Eonwe, and great sadness when it is, say, Fingon. Eonwe was paid to say that but he has been paying attention and hooboy.

But what does it mean to a newly expecting mother?

Let us speak to one and find out.

Eonwe: Hello, elfy! Eonwe has chosen you for his newest focus! Motherhood.

Maglor: *blinks* What?

Eonwe: You are yourself about to create the miracle of life and questions need to be asked!

Maglor: I'm about to what? *totally confused*
The hard-hitting investigation continuesCollapse )
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